Trains slammed into cars in two separate crashes early Sunday.

The first crash happened at 2:30 a.m. near Macdona-Lacoste at Shepherd Rd. in west Bexar Co.

Investigators say occupants of a car tried to push it across railroad tracks when an oncoming Amtrak train hit that car.

The people then fled the scene.

No one on the California bound train was hurt.

A few minutes later, another train hit a car on the tracks near Sunset and Treeline Park.

That's just south of the airport.

According to police, the driver had taken a wrong turn onto the railroad right of way, and drove about a block and a half.

They say he tried to get back to the road but his car got stuck on the tracks.

The driver got out of the vehicle and tried to get the conductor's attention, but the train could not avoid hitting the car.

That driver also fled the scene.