Two women say they were attacked by a neighbor’s dog in the 1600 block of South Hamilton late Sunday night. Witnesses to the attack say they heard screaming, and as many as nine dogs in the area where the incident occurred.

“Remove them, it’s getting out of control.  There are dogs everywhere,” says Jesus Leyva, whose wife was one of the victims in the attack.  “You got to walk that way to get to the bus stop, and every time you walk that way, you either got to pay attention, stop to see if they're out there.  If they're not out there, you better get hauling.”

In addition to Leyva’s wife, a pregnant woman was also attacked, but both are said to be OK.

“She was crying,” says Rosendo Rodriguez, who rushed to the scene to help the pregnant victim.  “I was way back there, and as soon as I heard that, I started running and I stopped the dogs.”

“Because I live right here, and I'm always outside, they're always over here, barking at people when they're walking,” says Juanita Badillo, who lives nearby and witnessed the attacks.

Neighbors say they are worried for their safety and the safety of others, because the dogs are constantly in the streets, and close to an elementary school.

"What if they grab a kid? They can't defend themselves,” Rodriguez says.  “It could hurt somebody real bad.”

It is unknown how many dogs were responsible for the attack, but neighbors say there are as many as seven to nine dogs that are known to act aggressively in the neighborhood.

As of Monday afternoon, Animal Care Services is investigating the incident and trying to make contact with the dogs’ owners, to find out which animals, specifically, were responsible for the attack.

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