The Texas Department of Transportation is dusting off its ice plan in anticipation of a wintry mix of weather that could hit areas of town this weekend.

Thursday afternoon, TxDOT crews were on stand-by but they were ready to hit the streets at a moment’s notice should the weather turn nasty.

TxDOT spokeswoman Laura Lopez said local road crews are ready to deal with whatever nastiness mother nature serves up.

"We plan for ice (and) we meet every year to discuss what is our plan," Laura Lopez said. "We need to make sure we have enough people or they're going to be working around the clock. We need to make sure we have equipment working."

While it is too soon know if the extra crews and special winter weather trucks will be needed this weekend, they will be ready to treat the roads should ice begin to form.

Road crews have a variety of tools at their disposal to fight back against Old Man Winter.

Before any frozen precipitation begins to fall, crews can treat the roadways with a liquid ice control agent to prevent ice from forming. If conditions worsen, they can apply a granular ice control agent and crushed rock to improve traction.

"We do have forms of treatment that are used to prevent ice from forming and if does form we do use a chat rock to help to help traction on the roadway to keep it open," Lopez said.

The biggest threat is to elevated roadways and bridges. Lopez said they will be the first freeze and the first to be shut down.

"Safety is our No. 1 priority, and our mission is to keep the highways open. That is our goal -- to keep the highways open. However, in the worst-case scenario (like) we had two years ago, we had to shut down everything."

The good news is most of the wintry weather is expected to hold off until Saturday and Sunday, which should keep traffic problems to a minimum.

"Keep an eye on the weather. If you do not have to travel, that is the No. 1 suggestion. Do not get on the highways for any particular reason, especially on the overpasses and bridges, where the ice is likely to form."

Right now, road crews are not treating any of the local roads. Lopez said they likely won't begin the pretreatment process until sometime Friday evening but that's all up to Mother Nature.

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