The Texas Department of Transportation took proactive measures to keep drivers safe as the winter weather continued Thursday night.

"We will be monitoring the weather conditions overnight and pre-treating later on this evening and early morning and continuing monitoring the highways over passes and bridges and the interchanges," said TxDOT spokesperson Laura Lopez.

Lopez urged drivers to stay off roads if at all possible. Rita Williams tried to stay warm but has no choice than to go to work.

"Just get up a little bit earlier. Leave a little earlier and drive a little slower,” said Williams.

Lopez said interchanges may get closed, but it’s still too early to tell.

"Our intentions are not to close the highways, and a lot of folks ask us, 'Why don’t you close the highways?' We can’t do that because one, we don’t have the man power to do that, and you have thousands of cars that are driving- millions of cars, and so we want to keep those highways as open as possible,” Lopez said.

Lopez said TxDOT crews and trucks are on standby and ready to go. They will continue to monitor Bexar County and the other 11 counties for which they are responsible.