An unknown man and teenage boy are being credited by homeowner Gloria Burton for getting her husband out of their burning home Wednesday evening.

“I’d love to tell them thank you for saving my husband,” Burton said.

She said her husband was hospitalized with smoke inhalation but is expected to recover.

Burton said a teenage boy covered his face with his jacket, then he and the man rushed to the back of the house to rescue her husband who has serious health issues.

“By the time they turned around, the smoke was all over the place,” Burton said. “I don’t know who they were, where they came from.”

Anita Scott, one of their daughters, offered tearful thanks to the good Samaritans for rescuing her father. She also was grateful to those who ran over to help her parents despite the freezing temperatures.

“There are not words or things I could say to everybody that’s here in this neighborhood,” Scott said.

Burton said she and her husband, both in their 60s, had lived in their home 40 years.

An insurance agent, Burton said the house is likely a total loss.

The smoke detectors that Gloria Burton said she didn’t hear amid the chaos of her burning home Wednesday night, were still going off the next morning.

Burton said thankfully, she’d gotten out of bed to investigate the crashing she heard.

“The fire was coming in from the back window, and it was coming up, floating up into the sky,” Burton said.

She said she ran out in bare feet wearing only her pajamas, but she had an evacuation plan.

“A lot of us think that’s a bunch of hokey-pokey. It isn’t. Believe it,” she said.

Burton said by the time she got to the front door, the good Samaritans had rushed past her, and dozens of neighbors at the ready were outside.

She also was grateful to the first responders who converged on the scene.

Universal City Fire Chief Ross Wallace said in addition to his firefighters, Converse, Randolph AFB and Schertz fire departments assisted.

Burton said she thinks the cause may have been electrical.

Laura Jesse, the Bexar County spokeswoman, said the fire was not suspicious but investigators with the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s office are still trying to pinpoint the source.

Images: Universal City house fire

Published On: Feb 06 2014 04:42:19 PM CST

Two unidentified Good Samaritans risked smoke and flames at a house in Universal City to save the life of a man in his 60s.

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