Although a Senate immigration reform Bill recently passed with flying colors, Texas Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Dist. 21) said the bill will not get House approval.

"The Speaker of the House has said we are not going to take the Senate bill up, but there are two reasons that we are not going to take that bill up. One is that it's unworkable, the other is that it's unconstitutional.  We are prohibited by the constitution from taking it up. It has revenue generators in the Senate bill, it has additional taxes and any bill with taxes or revenue generators has to originate in the House, not in the Senate," said Smith   

Instead, Smith said the House plans to take up several individual bills come September.

Those bills include a guest worker program, a bill allowing immigrants who get degrees in science engineering and math in America to stay in the country to work, and a bill requiring employers to make sure employees are legally eligible to work in this country.

"We will have our own immigration product. We'll have to see if it goes to a conference committee or not. If it goes to a conference committee, then it could be a compromise with the Senate package, but that's a long way off," said Smith

Smith added that one of the first issues the House will address is border security.

"The Senate bill was 'legalization first, border security later, if ever,'" he said. "We will have border security implemented before we have any other immigration reforms and that's the only way to do it, otherwise we just give an open invitation to more illegal immigration if you don't secure the border before the other immigration reforms."

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