The debate over redistricting, and showing photo identification at Texas polling locations, continued in a big way on Thursday. 

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Justice Department will sue Texas over the state’s new voter ID law, saying it violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

Holder claims the law discriminates against minorities, and has had a long-running battle with Republicans over the state’s redistricting maps.

With the November elections quickly approaching, Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen said despite the lawsuit, her office must continue to prepare, educate, and train staff, as usual.

“Look at this next November election as if voter ID is the law, today it is the law, we're moving forward as if it's the law,” Callanen said. “We have to be able to give our election officials as many relevant tools as we can, so that the last thing we want is for voters to be held up at the polls.”

In response to the lawsuit, Gov. Rick Perry released a statement saying, “The filing of endless litigation in an effort to obstruct the will of the people of Texas is what we have come to expect from Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. We will continue to defend the integrity of our elections against this administration's blatant disregard for the 10th amendment.”

Election Day is Nov. 5.

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