Friday was a busy day on the campus of UTSA as the newest members of the Roadrunner family move into their temporary new homes.

Some freshman were not only moving in -- they were moving into the newest dorm on campus, San Saba Hall.

That just made the whole process that much more exciting.

“It's one of those milestones you hit. In my case, it’s something that I have been slaving over through high school for a very long time," said Garrett Kneese, from Deer Park, near of Houston.

“He's really ready and I think it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter for all of us,” said Connie Fullerton, Garrett’s mom.

Garrett is a Terry Scholarship winner. He has a full academic scholarship and wants to pursue a pre-med degree. 

He said he is ready for this first big step.

“(I'm) just so happy to finally make it to this point in (my) life,” Kneese said.

In the same dorm, just down the hall, freshman Elizabeth Flores was getting her room ready with the help of her mom.

Flores was still getting used to the idea of moving away from Harlingen and starting college.

“It’s kind of not real yet. Maybe (it will be) in a couple of weeks when I want to go home and realize I can’t go home because I have school,” Flores said.

Her mother, Dalia Flores, is excited for her and the opportunity to go to school at UTSA.

“It’s a wonderful feeling and (I'm) very proud of her,” said Flores.

While there was excitement from both kids and parents, there was also a little anxiety.

“I am going to miss her. She is my best friend,” Flores said.

Garrett’s mom was fighting back the emotion while she was helping he son get his room unpacked.

“It’s going to be harder than I am putting on right now," Fullerton said. "When I get to that point, I am going to have to say goodbye. It is three and a half hours away (and) it’s going to be a lot tougher.”

“It’s definitely going to be a lot different. Who knows how many times I am going to call home, looking for some words of comfort?” Garrett said. "(But) I think I’ll be all right in the end.”

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