John Karlis set up eight cameras around his Beacon Hill workshop about a year ago after thieves struck.

"I started having a little bit of vandalism, had a trailer stolen from outside in broad daylight more or less," said Karlis. "So I just figured it was a worthy investment to be able to see exactly what's going on while I'm not here."

Early Sunday morning, his cameras captured three young men as they approached his property. One of them took a fire extinguisher from the back of his work truck, which Karlis said a young neighbor later saw them discharging on a neighborhood dog. Another camera shows one of them appearing to tag a nearby trailer which had fresh spray paint Sunday morning.

"We've been seeing his tag around quite a bit in this three, four or five block radius right here. He's pretty prolific with his tagging so he's someone we'd like to see off the streets or at least having to be held accountable for his damage," he said.

Karlis reported the incident to the neighborhood SAFFE officer and shared some of the security pictures on the Beacon Hill neighborhood association page on Facebook.

"I'm really hoping somebody sees this, somebody puts two and two together and is able to let us know who this is," he said. 

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