The VIA Metropolitan Transit board is expected to vote on a new chair as Henry Munoz is anticipated to make his exit exit at their monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Former city manager Alex Briseno is San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's choice to replace Munoz.

He was also the nominating committee's top pick.

They recommended Doug Poneck for vice-chair and current boardmember Lou Miller for the position of secretary.

The meeting is going to be held at the just-built West Side Multimodal Transit Center to give the boardmembers and new officers a glimpse of the future of VIA.

Group protests meeting location

While there isn't any opposition expected with regard to the nominees, there are protestors planning to voice their concerns about funding for the chosen location of the meeting.

VIA is planning to use district funds on the new transit center.

In light of this, protestors said VIA is breaking its promise to voters.

"In court just two weeks ago, they told the judge that they could not build this multi-modal center without the bonds," said protestor Jeff Judson. "The bonds are tied up in court, so we're asking where this money is coming from that they're using to build this multi-modal center."

VIA boardmember Lou Miller disagreed.

"There were people saying, 'Promise us that you won't use it on light rail,'" said VIA board member Lou Miller. "That promise was an understanding that it would not be used for light rail. Streetcar is definitely not light rail."

Judson said Miller is splitting hairs.

In addition to supporting a lawsuit against VIA, the local anti-streetcar coalition is also circulating a petition to get an amendment on the ballot.

"Our amendment would amend the city charter to prohibit the granting of any public right-of-way by the city for streetcars and light rail unless they had taken it to the voters for approval," Judson said.

Reporter April Molina contributed to this report.