The VIA Board nomination committee delayed the decision to select a list of nominees for a second time in two weeks.

They were expected to provide a slate of nominees for chair, vice chair and secretary following their executive session Wednesday morning.

Following a last minute announcement by nominee and committee member Steve Allison to withdraw his name, board member Rich Pych said they needed more time.

Because Allison was in a position to nominate himself, he removed his name from the list, citing concerns about perception.

"He's one of two representatives on the VIA Board of Trustees that represent the interests of the suburban cities. Since he's on the nominating committee, he thought it might be more prudent and also for the sake of transparency, that his name not be considered," said VIA Chief Engagement Officer Charlie Gonzales.

Some of the board members expressed disappointment in this decision and the question was raised whether or not Allison could still be nominated.

"There was a number of good, insightful questions and information brought that all the members of the committee hadn't heard previously, plus there were additional questions. We wanted to be able to come back again and get all our questions answered before we make a final choice on the slate," said nomination committee member Rick Pych.

The committee plans to meet again to finalize a slate prior to the Feb. 25 VIA board meeting next month.

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