VIA on Thursday announced another step forward in the street car project after a judge sided with them, allowing the use of Advanced Transportation District funds, or ATD funds, to fund transit-related projects.

VIA chair Henry Munoz is calling the judge's ruling regarding their use of ATD funds a victory after the state Attorney General questioned whether it is appropriate to sell the bonds to create multimodal centers.

"We made the argument that as long ago as 10 years ago, the citizens of San Antonio asked for and voted to create this Westside multimodal and these transfer centers," said Munoz.

However, Jeff Judson with the city of Olmos Park, said that is not what VIA promised in 2004.

Judson said VIA made it very clear to taxpayers that these ATD taxes would never be used for light rail and they also promised that half the money would be spent on roads.

"We are disappointed," said Judson. "But, this is just one loss. There are many more battles ahead. There are more bonds, upcoming elections. There are many more opportunities to derail the street car and we intend to pursue all of those."

VIA officials said the cost of the street car project, all the multimodal facilities on the city's north, south and west side, along with the one at the Alamodome will cost $267 million.

Construction is expected to get underway in late spring of 2015.