VIA is another step closer to getting started on the new modern street car system.

On Tuesday, VIA's board of trustees was set to vote on the first phase of the project.

When selecting the route, trustees said they would have to build the streetcar system in phases.

VIA's planning and operation committee had voted to recommend  that the transportation company build the North/South leg of the route first, but the board was set at looking at all the possibilities, including the East/West portion.

"It could be either of those or a combination," said Charlie Gonzalez, VIA chief or public engagement. "I  believe the recommendation  that our project manager is making tonight would be a combination, but it's up to the board in their own wisdom and evaluation to determine the best route."

Some members of the NAACP gave their input at the meeting Tuesday night before the vote, about the importance of the east west route.

Gonzalez said the board will vote on it Tuesday to keep on their timeline and to get the  street cars up and running by 2017.

"We need an environmental  assessment," said Gonzalez."We need the engineering analysis and such. We need to be applying for further funding sources. We have enough money  to build this first phase. That's not the problem. Its's that we want to go forward and complete the entire system."

The price tag for the first phase of the project is $163 million. That includes the cost to build the track, buy street cars and build a vehicle maintenance facility.

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