Two women were arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing packages from a Northeast Side mail box.

The incident happened around noon in the 13000 block of El Charro.

The victim said she was inside her home waiting for a delivery man to pick up some packages when she saw two women steal the packages from her mail box.

The victim managed to write down the temporary license plate number and called police.

Investigators traced the car to Auto Deals, a local car dealership, and called to get the car owner’s phone number.

Lehley Hood answered the call and told police she could give them more information than that.

“I can actually locate the customer because we have a GPS system,” Hood said. “I located the customer … and I said, ‘That looks like it’s at our address,’ so I looked out the window and I saw the car.”

Without tipping the suspects off, Hood told two coworkers to block their car in until police could arrive.

The two women were taken into custody and police recovered several bags full of items.

One of the women admitted to stealing the packages and Property Crimes investigators are working to determine whether other items found in the car were also stolen.

Hood said she remembered meeting one of the suspects a few weeks earlier when she helped the woman finalize the contract on the car she purchased.

“She seemed like a nice young lady, so I thought they actually had the wrong person, until they started pulling out the merchandise from the car,” said Hood.

Officers said the two women will likely face theft charges, but one of them was arrested on two outstanding felony warrants.

The stolen packages were returned to the victim.

Hood said the dealership’s staff was especially willing to help because it’s the holidays.

“To have something you work so hard for to make your family happy stolen away from you is something that we just couldn’t sit by and let happen,” she said.

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