Two men from completely different backgrounds became close friends after their lives were intertwined during the height of the Vietnam War.

Warrant officer, Keith Payne, an Australian special forces member, and U.S. Army medic, Jerry Dellwo, began their friendship on May 24, 1969.

Dellwo and six other men got lost in the jungle after an enemy counter attack ran them off.

With a broken radio and no supplies, Dellwo thought he would spend his last moments in the jungle.

That's when he heard movement in the brush.

Getting ready for a fire fight, he realized it was Payne.

From there, the two men led about 40 people out of harms way.

Dwello and Payne never saw each other again until some 20 years later.

Today, their bond remains as strong as the metal used to forge the ring they wear that symbolizes their friendship.