Residents in Eagle Pass and bordering Piedras Negras are still working to recover after getting hit by massive flooding last weekend.

On Saturday, volunteers in San Antonio spent the day collecting supplies to help out.

Volunteers brought an 18-wheeler to the Pica-Pica Shopping Center at the 900 block of Southeast Military to collect the items.

Grace Hernandez, a member of the Hispanic Women for Better Justice, said when her friend called her and sent her pictures of the devastation in Eagle Pass and bordering Piedras Negras, she said she knew she had to help.

"He sent me pictures of the devastation of the floods," said Hernandez. "He said we need your help. I said let me see what I can do."

Hernandez said she started making phone calls and that's when some volunteers brought the truck.

The drive to help the flood victims grabbed the attention of Gloria B, who said she's been waiting for an opportunity to help.

"We have a lot," Gloria B said. "God gives us a lot. So, I think it's time to share with the community."

At this point, Hernandez said they'll take anything to fill the trailer, including furniture, stoves, baby carriages, toys for the children, clothing, shoes, water, juice, diapers, cereal, wipes and insect repellent.

"We need lots of Off," said Hernandez. "Insect repellent for the children and for the people, the mosquitoes and the danger, it's so bad out there."

Hernandez said they will stay at the shopping center all weekend, until they can fill the trailer.

The truck is scheduled to leave at 7 p.m. on Sunday and will head first to Piedras Negras and then Eagle Pass.

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