Von Ormy resident Melissa Ochoa, 44, was killed while trying to help a stranger involved in an accident on interstate 10 near Interstate 35 Monday morning.

According to a report by San Antonio police officers, Ochoa had attempted to use her delivery truck to steer traffic away from the crash site.

A relative who was with her at the time said Ochoa had gotten out of her truck to direct traffic around the scene and check on the driver when a pickup going around the accident ran her down.

"It really doesn't bother me that she (tried to help). That was my wife," said Ben Ochoa, the victim's husband. "I just hope people will keep helping one another."

Ben Ochoa said his wife of 14 years was caring, a mother to her five children and stepmother to his son.

He said she not only was his partner in life, but also in a truck delivery business they started together.

In fact, Melissa Ochoa was out making early morning bread deliveries when she decided to stop and help.

A police report said the pickup driver who hit her told officers he did not see Ochoa standing on the road.

Ironically, Ben Ochoa said he and his wife had often talked about the possibility of something like this happening to one of them, based on the trouble they'd see on the road during their early deliveries.

"We saw six wrong-way drivers," he said. "We'd say if anything happens, grieve. Then just continue."

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