Tuesday, Nov. 5, was the first election day in which voters were required to present a valid photo identification at the polls.

According to Election Administrator Jacque Callanen there have been few issues with the new rule.

Voters Tom and Sue Blansett said they were prepared when they went to vote at the downtown library and said they didn't have any issues.

"No problems," said Tom Blansett. "I brought my passport and my registration card."

Voter Tom Hoog ran into a small glitch .

"My drivers license has a 'P' for my middle initial and my voter registration card has a full name, so I had to make the appropriate corrections," said Hoog.

Hoog said he was required to sign an affidavit and then was quickly on his way to the polling booth.

"I certainly didn't have a problem with that," he said.

Early in the day, Callanen said voting was going smoothly throughout the county and she wasn't surprised.

"I really don't think there's confusion," said Callanen, "All the training we put into it, all the new forms, really has paid off. We're really proud of our officials."

Callanen added that all the publicity about the new requirement may have made more people aware of this election and resulted in a better than usual turnout.

She said there were approximately 26,000 votes cast during early voting, which was up by about 3,000 votes from a similar election in 2011.

Although this election is still considered somewhat of a "sleeper," Callanen said it may be to the benefit of officials and voters, giving them a chance to become acquainted with the new rule so they'll be prepared for the next big election.

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