Light-weight jackets and shirt sleeves were the order of the day for participants in San Antonio’s march in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Warm weather and sunny skies had some participants working up a sweat Monday morning as they made their way along the 2.75-mile route from Martin Luther King Jr. Academy to Pittman-Sullivan Park.

Billed as the largest march in the nation, the city’s annual mobile tribute drew thousands of people.

The mild temperatures even coaxed some, like Anissa Bates, into going the extra mile.

"I usually don't march but my sister convinced me to do it this year,” she said. “Usually I just go up there (on the sidelines), but this year I'm marching."

Bates and her sister had plenty of company -- everyone from children to police chiefs, pep squads to priests.

While some carried signs bearing messages or a company name, others shuffled along pushing strollers and walkers.

For Henry Buckley and his Sons of Solomon Masonic motorcycle group, the idea was to keep their feet off the group.

The bikers rode the entire route on their two wheels.

"I really can't come with the words to explain how great it is to be a part of this and that my kids will recognize and see how important this is," Buckley said. "It's important to African Americans and our heritage and just equality for all. And what Dr. King did for everyone."

As in years past, the march wrapped up with a celebration, including music, food and families at Pittman-Sullivan Park.

Among those scheduled to take the stage was Stellar award-nominated gospel recording artist Wess Morgan.

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