It seems like there are very few streets you can drive down in San Antonio without spotting a sign propping up a politician.

With a primary election set for March 4, the number of signs on street corners and fences are driving some folks crazy.

“There's so many," said Kay Wilcox, an early voter.

Especially when you get to an early-voting site, the landscape is covered with them.

“(There's) so many of them, you can’t see anything else,” said Barbara Crockett, who talked after casting her ballot.

Some voters really didn’t care for the signs at all.

"I don't like political signs. Don't like them at all," said William Sellars, who voted early.

But there are some who don’t mind them.

“I think it’s a healthy sign of democracy in action,” said Ken Levi.

What most did agree on was that the signs are a nuisance after the election.

“That’s what gets to me is the idea that they just hang around and just sit there," said Benjamin Vierville after voting.

"San Antonio is a beautiful city. Let’s not pollute it like this," Sellars said.

The campaigns have 90 days after the election to remove the signs or the city will do it for them.

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