West Side dog owners Antonia Flores, 38, and Richard Solis, 36, are accused of letting their animals go hungry for weeks, leading to a desperate act by two of their pets, according to San Antonio police.

Flores and Solis were arrested Tuesday evening on a charge of cruelty to non-livestock. Solis also had three outstanding warrants for unrelated crimes, police said.

According to a police report, an officer answering a call for an animal related incident at the home on S. San Eduardo Avenue found two small dogs in the couple’s yard, eating a third dog that had died.

The officer said a neighbor reported that the animals had been feeding on the carcass for several days, the report stated.

The two surviving dogs were also in bad shape, according to the report.

It stated that their ribs were protruding, and the officer found no dog food bowl or dog food in the yard.

"They were real skinny,” said one man who didn’t want to be identified and usually waits for a bus at a stop near the couple’s home. “The people would just look out and just watch out here, the bus stop, when we would try to feed them."

A woman, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said she frequents the same bus stop and would often give the dogs food anyway.

“They'd be there crying and they'd be roaming around,” she said. “I would have dog food to take to the other dogs, so I'd share."

Neither of them realized, though, how apparently desperate the animals were, they said.

The police report stated that Flores and Solis arrived home Tuesday while police were there.

When an officer asked them whether they had fed the dogs, they said they did not have any dog food, the report stated.

Police arrested the couple at the scene.

Records show they both were able to post bond, and have been released from jail since then.

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