September is National Hunger Action Month, so bring our your orange.

"Regional food banks like us all around the United States are asking people in their communities -- friends and partners -- to go orange, to light up their house orange (or) wear orange," said Michael Guerra, chief development officer for the San Antonio Food Bank. "Hunger is still prevalent all across the United States."

One of the partners in the awareness campaign is Whataburger. They kicked off the campaign with a $25,000 donation.

"The food bank serves the community of San Antonio and South Texas where Whataburger has been serving our food for over 60 years," said Karina Alderete, Whataburger spokeswoman.

The association between Whataburger and the food bank is a pretty good fit, since National Hunger Action Month carries the color orange, and that is Whataburger's primary color.

"We're proud to wear that same color," Aldrete said.

The campaign for hunger awareness comes at a good time for the food bank. 

Over the summer, they served 5,000 extra meals.

"Summer was tough on our stock and it was also tough because of the drought. Farmers had very little produce to donate to us," Guerra said.

Starting next week, the new addition of 210,000 square feet of shelves will need to be filled to help feed some 58,000 people a week.

"It's incredibly important to have a month like this to raise awareness to invite lots of partners in and just to know the solution can be had if everybody participates," Guerra said.

As part of the awareness, buildings in San Antonio -- like the Whataburger headquarters on Highway 281, the smokestacks at the Quarry, the boots and Northstar mall, the Bexar County Courthouse and others -- will be lit up in orange.

There is also a calender of events and ways you can help just got to

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