A San Antonio mother says she's frustrated and hurt after someone stole her handicapped daughter's wheelchair.

It happened on Friday in the parking lot of the Swaying Oaks Apartments in the 1300 block of Pinn Road.

Penny Ambriz said she was getting ready to take her daughter to the hospital on Friday and when she opened the trunk of her car to get the wheelchair ready, it was gone.

"It's very harsh," said Ambriz. "My daughter is paraplegic. She uses that wheelchair when we go out shopping, to the doctor's offices. We needed it yesterday to go the emergency room."

Ambriz's daughter, Deja Ambriz, 11, suffers from spina bifida, cerebral palsy and she can't walk. She said when she found out that someone had taken the wheelchair that she's had for the last six years, she was devastated.

"Who would take a wheelchair from someone who really needed it?" said Deja Ambriz.

For the time being, Deja Ambriz is borrowing another wheelchair, but it's much bigger than her personal wheelchair and it is not as comfortable to get around in.

Deja Ambriz said she misses her wheelchair, which had her name and was custom fit for her.

"I would say please bring it back," she said. "Because I really need it."

"It's a pink wheelchair, a hot pink wheelchair and it has her name on it," said Penny Ambriz. "Who would steal a little wheelchair? Because it's not an adult-size wheelchair. It's a child's wheelchair."

Penny Ambriz has filed a report with the San Antonio Police Department and is asking anyone with information about her daughter's stolen wheelchair to call the department's Crime Stopper's line at 210-224-STOP.