As he prepared to do one of the 200 shows he will do this year, Willie Nelson reflected on the fact that he will be 80-years-old on Tuesday.

“You’re just glad to be here,” he said. “I quit counting a long time ago.”

At 80, Nelson is still in remarkable shape. He still jogs and plays golf regularly.

But he said he gets his most intense workout during a performance.

“The best exercise that we get it that hour-and-a-half-to-two-hours that we do on stage,” he said. “That requires your lungs: breathing, holding your breath and singing.”

Though music will always be his first love, Nelson says friends are a strong second.

“Friendship is probably the most important thing we have,” he said. “A good friend will go the limit for you.”

Something he said that was validated in the '80s when he got into trouble with the IRS over unpaid back taxes.

"Sometimes, I think back and I remember everything, that’s the bad part,” Nelson said. “You don’t always want to remember everything.”

As for the future, Nelson said he plans to continue his hectic schedule of touring and recording.

He has just released a new album.

Another is in the works, featuring several female singers, including Barbara Streisand.

“I’ve always wanted to do a duet with her,” he said. “And she had a special song written just for the two of us.”

As for birthday plans, in typical Nelson fashion, he will be working.

He has an appearance scheduled in Florida.

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