The winter storm blanketing much of the country in snow and ice is still causing major travel delays.

Thousands of airline travelers are stranded at airports across the nation and over the last seven days, more than 17,000 flights have been canceled and more than 40,000 have been delayed -- more than 10 times the normal amount of cancellations.

Planes are filled to capacity with holiday travelers and it could be another week before the system is back up to speed.

San Antonio International Airport has seen its share of delays and cancellations.

And on Tuesday morning, a new factor presented itself to airport ground crews: the threat of ice.

By noon, temperatures were above freezing, so de-icing was no longer necessary, but earlier in the morning, many planes were forced to de-ice due to temperatures that had dipped into the 20s.

The trickle-down effect of nationwide delays resulted in some extra wait times for passengers in San Antonio, and there were a few cancellations, as well.

One passenger and his daughter, who were trying to get back to Wisconsin via Detroit, said they have spent two days in San Antonio waiting for a flight.

"First the planes were delayed, then around 3 (p.m. on Monday,) they cancelled all the flights, along with the Detroit flight," said Sean Winninger.

Another family, from Monterrey, Mexico, said they drove all the way from New Jersey to San Antonio because of flight cancellations.

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