Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff still considers Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson a friend, but he admits the dynamic between the two political allies changed when Adkisson decided to challenge Wolff for his judgeship.

“I supported him in his first races. In fact, I was his treasurer, gave him a bunch of money,” Wolff said. “In politics, friends do come and go, and it’s sad when they go. It kind of hurt. (I’m) sad about it, but I understand.”

Adkisson sees things differently and said the time to run is now.

“I think it's kind of sad when a person thinks they can be here for life," Adkisson said.

Adkisson believes Kevin Wolff’s place on the court is another reason for Judge Wolff, Kevin’s father, to step down.

“We're the only commissioners court that I know of in the whole state of Texas, all 254 counties, that has two immediate family members on one five member court,” Adkisson said.

The two men have been friends for almost 40 years, and they’ve each got long legislative records.

Over the next several months, they’ll square off on the campaign trail, but they still have to work together on the commissioner’s court.

Both men feel confident they’ll be able to keep politics out of it.

“When I ran for mayor of San Antonio, I had three opponents sitting around the dais,” Wolff said. "So (it’s) not anything unusual for me."

“Having served in politics for a few years, you’ve got to have a thick hide,” said Adkisson. “I know I’ve got a thick hide, and I think the judge does too.”

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