He's been Bexar County Judge for more than a dozen years and Nelson Wolff says he's ready for more.

Wolff announced Saturday he's running for re-election.

Wolff stood before a crowd of supporters, backed by a group of endorsers and said he ready to continue the work he's done since 2001.

"We're ready to be tested, ready to fight the good fight and ready to march to victory," Wolff said at a press conference.

He said the county is on a roll and he wants to keep building the momentum.

"We got a lot of great local projects that we're working on together," Wolff said. "San Pedro Creek, the work that we're doing with education. What he's doing in pre-K and how maybe we can maybe help the Bibliotech to do that."

Wolff said he's committed to major county needs, like community safety and flood control, and to the creation of even more good-paying jobs.

Wolff does have opposition for this election. County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson is Wolff's main challenger for the Democratic nomination.

San Antonio City Councilman Carleton Soules has joined the county judge's race as a Republican.