A woman accused of leaving seven children unattended and living in unsanitary conditions was arrested after one of the children was found to have burns caused by soup.

Jessica Linda Rodriguez, 28, is charged with injury to a child after Universal City police received a call about the unattended children from Rodriguez's brother.

An arrest affidavit stated officers arrived to the home and found mud, food, what appeared to be animal feces and cockroaches on the floor.

They also observed dirty dishes and clothes scattered throughout the residence, the affidavit stated. The residence was later condemned by the Universal City health inspector. 

While investigating the case, officers determined one of the children had been injured on July 22. The baby, aged 1 and a half, had been burned by a bowl of hot soup that spilled on him.

Officers spoke to Rodriguez's husband and he told police Rodriguez attempted to treat the burn with a hair dryer and by applying mayonnaise to the affected area. The child was transported to the hospital with second degree burns to 12 percent of his body and several bruises, the affidavit stated.

Rodriguez's husband admitted he should have taken the child to the hospital, but did not because of what Rodriguez told him.

He claimed to officers Rodriguez has a drug and gambling problem that keeps her out all night, the affidavit stated.

He also told police Rodriguez usually leaves before he returns from work and only returns home to sleep, the affidavit stated.

Rodriguez did not return to the home while officers were there and was arrested a few days later. The affidavit did not state if her husband would also face any charges.