A woman walking the trails at at O.P. Schnabel Park claims she saw a mountain lion Tuesday afternoon.

Catherine McCool said the lion was about 25 feet away from her when she saw it.

"I saw a lion cross the path and you know it was like, "Whoa!" said McCool. "That really freaked me out."

Although startled, McCool said she was not frightened because she has seen wildlife at that park in the past and she knew she would be OK.

"They're not going to hurt you," said McCool. "They're not going to harm people. There's so much game and stuff like that. It's just that you don't usually see them during the daytime."

McCool said even thought she did not feel threatened, she still thought she would let park police know about the sighting. So, the next park-goer wouldn't be caught off guard.  "I said, "You're going to think I'm crazy, but I swear I just saw a lion," she said.

San Antonio police then called the Bexar County Game Warden to investigate. Johnny Jones, a Bexar County Game Warden with Texas Parks & Wildlife, said he did not see the lion while he was there, but he did make a report to send to their urban biologist and for the time being, he said he didn't see any real danger at the park.

"Mountain lions, they are in this area," said Jones. " They have a range of up to 125 square miles. If this was a mountain lion, it's probably coming in, following the food sources and it will eventually move on out."

Jones said he could not tell if the tracks he was shown were mountain lion tracks and that the park will remain open during their normal operating hours.

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