On Feb. 7, Catherine Touch was at her home.

“I was in my room and something didn't smell right," Touch said.

Her son and grandson were with her when she discovered a fire in her attic. Since the Hill Country was in a deep freeze, Touch’s hose was frozen. Her son and grandson headed for the well house while she headed for the roof.

“I was on the roof and the two kids were bringing me buckets,” said Touch. “The kids were bringing buckets and I was pouring it down but it wasn't enough to put it out."

Touch and her family were safe, although she did lose two dogs to smoke inhalation. Her house of 24 years was also destroyed.

But as devastating as the loss was, she said she was able to keep a positive attitude.

“I believe in staying positive,” Touch said. "You know a phoenix rises from the ashes, right? So will we. ... You cannot change what’s already happened. All you can do is go forward, so I am going to go forward."

After some of the ways Touch has helped people, she said staying positive doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

Last year, she was shopping on Craigslist when she said she came across a plea from a young woman looking for a kidney for her ailing father. Touch responded by donating one of hers.

“It’s just what I believe in: (helping) each other," she said. "He was dying (and) on dialysis every day. Why would I let him die when I have two kidneys and am healthy?"

She said she's also been rescuing animals since she was 15. She even took in a dog after the fire destroyed her house.

She also has a love for kids -- not just hers but also those who are in need. Touch is an artist by trade and loves to teach.

She said she will overcome the loss of her house and keep caring for kids and animals and showing a big heart to those who need a helping hand.

“Even now, we don’t have much of a house, but if someone needed to come pitch a tent with us or something, we would be open,” Touch said. "This is how I believe you share -- you take care of each other.”

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