A woman, making a trip across the country to honor her late husband, has made a stop in San Antonio.

Alison Miller is calling her journey "Happily Homeless" and she is honoring her late husband, Air Force Master Sgt. Chuck Dearing, by scattering his ashes across some of his favorite places.

"I love my husband and he served with honor and dedication and I think he ought to be recognized," said Miller." I told them a veteran is passing through on his final travels and I'm on an odyssey of love and so, it just kind of happened to bring me to San Antonio."

However, Miller's journey actually started with her husband in 2009.

The couple sold all of their belongings to be on the road and they traveled the country together until Dearing was diagnosed with cancer and died in April.

Before Dearing died, Miller told him she would continue the journey by herself.

"I just knew I was going to, but I was going to paint my car pink, so, he could find me," said Miller. "Because when he died, it's like he was ripped from my life and I knew the best way I would connect with him again is out here on the road."

Miller said she had never towed or camped before this trip, but that she had her SUV and her tear-drop trailer painted in the custom color called "Chuck's Watching Over Me Pink" to give her the courage she needed to get back on the road.

"I know now that Chuck's the one that's been orchestrating all this," she said. "And, he's putting signs in my path and people in my way to help and to support me and it's just happening ."

Miller said with her late husband's spirit riding "shotgun," she will eventually head west and then north.

"All I have to remember him is how much he loved me and how much I loved him."

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