A San Antonio cable worker was taken on a wild ride early Tuesday when a woman stole his truck while he was inside it.

San Antonio police said the cable worker was downtown at a job site near the intersection of Navarro and Soleded when Lisa Dirden, 45, jumped into his TW Telecom truck and took off around midnight.

The worker was inside the attached trailer and called police, but was unable to give dispatchers a good location.

San Antonio police said the woman drove the cable truck down a one-way street and crashed into a light pole at Saving Street and Soledad.

Police tracked down the cable truck and arrested the 45-year-old female suspect. The worker was not injured.

While this crime is a bit more brazen than most, experts said it was indicative of a common problem in San Antonio.

“These trucks have thousands of dollars worth of equipment in them, and so thieves will often try and rip them off and pawn the stuff,” said Gilbert de la Portilla, KSAT 12’s Crime Specialist.

De la Portilla also said the nature of the utility work, given the constant back and forth to job sites, makes them easy targets.

“That, and a lot of times workers leave keys in the truck because they think on one would actually steal the truck,” said de la Portilla.

Stolen Truck

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