Two woman were rescued after their boat capsized on Calaveras Lake Monday afternoon.

According to officials, the women were on the lake when one of them leaned over to wash her hands, causing the boat to capsize.

The women were in the water for around 45 minutes when a Good Samaritan saw them and came to the rescue.

A witness, Manny Martinez, said one woman was floating in the water and the other woman was holding onto the boat. Neither of them were wearing life jackets.

Martinez runs fishing business by the lake and said due to the strong wind and current, it is important to be prepared when coming out to the lake.

"You just got to know the rules out here. I've been here for 31 years," said Martinez. "Be safe look up your winds and any  thunderstorms approaching. Everything is safe out here nothing is wrong with this lake."

Firefighters responded, but both women were expected to be OK.