A San Antonio police officer who was shot in the head during a high-speed chase remains in intensive care Monday at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

On Monday morning, the San Antonio Police Department issued the latest update on Officer Robert Deckard on its Facebook page:

"Officer Deckard's condition has not changed much. Vitals have been described as 'ok,' but not ideal. Steps are being taken to keep the officer medically paralyzed to help in recovery. There has been some response from the officer, but medical staff are still being cautious as to the officer's chances of recovery. Tests are ongoing and he has the best staff working to save him."

Deckard, 31, was chasing a car carrying two robbery suspects, later identified as as 32-year-old Shawn Ruiz Puente and 28-year-old Jenevieve Ramos. The pair (pictured at bottom) were accused of robbing the San Pedro Food Mart around 12 a.m. Sunday.

Puente and Ramos fled the scene of that robbery in a dark gray vehicle but were spotted around 2 a.m. by South Patrol officers on Military Drive and began pursuing them onto Interstate 37 South.

The chase, which reached speeds of 100 mph, led to Mathis Road and down I-37 South into Atascosa County where the suspects began firing shots at the officer.

The bullet that struck Deckard went through the windshield of his patrol car and hit him in the forehead. Deckard lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a grassy median.

The pair were chased into Wilson County, where they were subsequently captured. Investigators believe Puente and Ramos may be responsible for a series of robberies, which is part of the reason why Deckard continued to pursue them across multiple county lines.

“These individuals are suspected of committing at least six (robberies) the previous night and up to 15 altogether in recent time,” San Antonio police Chief William McManus said on Sunday. “That’s what got this going.”

McManus said Deckard made the right decision to pursue two suspects wanted for an armed robbery.

“Violent felony robbery -- that is, by policy, an offense that we can chase for and he did just that,” McManus said. “It’s the supervisors call. In this case I think the supervisor made the right call allowing him to pursue into another county.”

Ruiz and Ramos remain in the Wilson County Jail, awaiting extradition to Bexar County.

Support pours in for injured officer

While Deckard has been able to respond somewhat, doctors are being cautious about his chances of recovery. They have so far been unable to remove the bullet from the back of his brain.

And as he fights for his life, support for him and his family has flooded social media.

The “Blue Angels Around Bobby” page on Facebook has been flooded with photos of the seven-year SAPD veteran.

Family friends and complete strangers offered up prayers and well wishes for the injured officer.

Students at St. John Berchmans’ Catholic School are also rallying around Deckard’s daughter, Cheyanne. The first-grader attended classes Monday.

“She's been very strong. She has a very wonderful, compassionate, teacher that is keeping track of her all day,” said Principal Beverly Abbott.

Several students, including Cheyanne, made get-well cards for Deckard, and Abbott said the support will not stop there.

“(On Tuesday) we're going to do 'We Back the Blue Dollar Dress Day' so all the kids will wear jeans and some form of blue,” Abbott said. “If they have something SAPD-related, they’re going to wear that. All proceeds will go to the Deckard family."

The school is opening its doors to anyone who would like to make a donation.

For information contact St. John Berchmans’ Catholic School at 210-433 -0411.

Late Monday evening, Deckard's family released this statement to the media.