An $8 million investment at the San Antonio Zoo got underway Wednesday, with the delivery of a specially-made carousel.

As the zoo celebrates 100 years in San Antonio, the park will commemorate the event with the opening of "Zootennial Plaza."

The development will feature a carousel and a new restaurant.

"We're excited about our new carousel, which features 62 animals, including a hippo, a [Texas] horned lizard and a jackalope," said Dawn Koehler, the director of public affairs at the San Antonio Zoo.

The carousel represents about $3 million dollars in sponsorships. All but seven of the animals have been named by those sponsors.

"The San Antonio Zoo is a nonprofit organization, we're not city owned and operated so we have to raise and earn our own money," said Koehler.

Koehler said the current restaurant at the zoo only seats about 100 people, but the new restaurant will seat 300 and offer new guest amenities.

The chef for that new restaurant began working this week and will create a new menu.

Koehler said Zootennial Plaza is all about creating "a bigger, better opportunity" to enjoy the zoo.

Rides on the carousel will be $2.50 a person, which Koehler said will raise money for new exhibits.

Zootennial Plaza will open on March 7.