BGC Good Time Charlies Graphic

The and KSAT 12 sports staff are proud to offer the following game plan for up-to-the minute scores:
1. Computer
Computer users can get scores by clicking here.
2. Twitter
Follow us at @KSATbgc and you'll get updated scores throughout the night as we tweet them.
3. Mobile App
Our mobile app users can access scores by selecting "BGC" from the main menu on the bottom of the screen (see image below).
Next, select scoreboard from the two menu items. (see image below).
nav items small
This is how the scoreboard will look. (see image below).
scoreboard small
4. Wireless Website
In your wireless web browser, type in in your browser.
Next, select "BGC" in the menu selector "Jump to": and then press the button "go."
Next, select "Scoreboard" among the two menu items.
nav items
This how your Twitter feed should look.
At the end of the evening, the staff will replace this page with a new page showing all the final results.