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Eddie Gonzales

Crime Analyst

Published On: Nov 12 2013 11:56:54 AM CST   Updated On: Jan 07 2014 08:06:46 AM CST
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Eddie Gonzales is KSAT 12's Crime Analyst, serving as a law enforcement and crime expert on a variety of topics.
A native of San Antonio, Eddie attended Highlands High School and began his career in law enforcement in 1981, joining the ranks of the San Antonio Police Department.
Assigned to patrol all areas of the city, Eddie served in multiple capacities as an officer, including detective investigator with the forgery unit, part of the U.S. Secret Service task force, and part of the North West Property Crimes Detail, where he worked a wide variety of investigations. Eddie's last assignment with SAPD was with the Tactical Response/Gang Unit Detail, where his focus was preparing arrest and search warrant affidavits and working closely with federal prosecutors.
After serving 30 years with the department, Eddie retired from SAPD in November 2010, but continues to serve the local community through his efforts with the Grey Forest Police Department.
In his spare time, Eddie enjoys spending time with his family, trail walking, running and off-road biking.

Tell us about your experience as a police officer:

I lived my dream as a SAPD Officer for 30 years. It was both fun and rewarding, and I had the opportunity to have experiences as an officer that put everything about life into perspective. When I began my career, shifts were rotated every two months, which is different than the way the department currently runs. As a young patrolman, I worked closely with my fellow officers and the atmosphere at the police department was both high-energy and close-knit. Later in my career, I served as an investigator and it was always a great feeling to know I was contributing to the greater good by recovering stolen firearms, stolen property or making an arrest. During my time with SAPD, I was fortunate to have some of the best instructors at the Training Academy and some of the best comrades and partners, including Bob Perrill, whom I worked alongside for 12 years. Police work is all about dealing with people in the community and it's something I have always had a passion for doing.

How did you become interested in law enforcement?
When I was in high school in 1979, I realized that I wanted a job that was not in an office or carried a normal routine. I decided on a career path that would bring me new and different things every day. When I first began my career in law enforcement, the idea of working at night while chasing wanted felons greatly appealed to me. Although salaries in law enforcement were low at the time, I was surrounded by others who had a sincere desire to better our community and make a difference.

When it comes to crime prevention, what's the best piece of advice you have for the community?
Always be aware of your surroundings; look and listen. Make this mantra part of your life every day. If you watch a person's body language and listen to your gut, you'll be able to read their intentions by following those simple steps. When you pull into a parking lot or public place, also take a moment to size things up and take mental notes of your surroundings. I learned early in my career to assess my surroundings and situations as soon as I would arrive on the scene of a crime or any other location. As always, if you see something suspicious, don't be afraid to notify police.

Aside from law enforcement, do you have any other interest or hobbies?
I enjoy participating in car shows and own a classic 1968 Plymouth. In my free time, I also enjoy trail running, off road biking and collecting and drinking fine wine.

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