Women use U-Haul to steal thousands of dollars' worth of valuables, homeowner says

'They stole food, meat, ransacked my car (and) my tools,' homeowner says

SAN ANTONIO – A NW Side man said it only took 20 minutes for two women to rummage through his garage and steal about $10,000 worth of tools and other valuables.

"(I) went inside to check on my dogs (and) I was watching TV for about 20 minutes," Steve Smiley said. "They stole food, meat. They ransacked my car (and) all my tools."

Smiley, who has lived on Albany Ridge for three years, said he never felt the need to close his garage door in the quiet neighborhood until today.

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The two thieves showed up in a U-Haul truck moments after he went into the house.

When he came outside into his garage, Smiley said, he saw one of the women rummaging through his refrigerator.

By that time, the pair had already loaded the truck up with most of his belongings, some of which were invaluable war artifacts he'd been collecting.

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"As soon as that door opened, she turned around and sprinted. And it took me a split second to figure out what was going on," Smiley said.

When the women sped off in the U-Haul truck, Smiley said he tried to stop them by punching out the side window, but it didn't work.

He then turned to drastic measures.

"Once she put it in gear, I grabbed the door handle and windshield wipers and jumped on the front of the truck," Smiley said, adding that he couldn't hang on for long.

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"She took off a little bit down the street, slammed on the breaks and I went flying off the truck," Smiley said.

Smiley is now left with bloody bruises, a possible broken wrist and thousands of dollars' worth of goods stolen.

In addition to being in pain, Smiley said he's angry.

"We work hard to get what we have," Smiley said.

San Antonio police said they are investigating the robbery at Smiley's home.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-0300.

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