Amid carbon monoxide issues nationwide, SAPD takes precautions with patrol units

No issues with Ford Explorers in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department is taking action to protect its officers after reports of problems with some Ford Explorers.

Officers with departments in California and in Austin, Texas have been overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.

The department said it has not had any problems with its fleet of SUVs but it is taking precautions.

A spokesman said disposable carbon monoxide detectors started being installed in April. According to a memo sent to officers, the sensors will turn colors alerting them to the presence of the deadly gas.

The sensors need to be replaced every 90 days.

Officers were advised to pay close attention during extended periods when their patrol units are stationary or idling with the windows closed.

Dashcam footage showed an officer in California losing consciousness and crashing into a tree after being overcome by the fumes. An officer in Austin crashed into a bus following exposure to the fumes.

Ford Motor Co. is now facing lawsuits over the issue. The automaker said it is looking into it and working on modifications.