Behind the Kitchen Door: 4 restaurants fail health inspection

Rocky's Taco House, Malt House, El Tequila restaurant, La Michoacana Meat Market fail


Metro Health uncovered problems at four San Antonio restaurants during recent inspections.

The Malt House located at 115 S. Zarzamora Street failed inspection with 38 demerits. Their violations included:

  • Food handling violations.
  • Food debris in their coolers
  • They posted the wrong inspection report for customers to see.

The manager tells KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door all those items were corrected and the restaurant is ready for their follow-up inspection.

Rocky's Taco House located at 2423 Pleasanton Road failed with 38 demerits. Their violations included:

  • Food temperature violations.
  • Hand washing violations.
  • Restaurant staff needed to clean their walk-in cooler.  

The manager tells Behind the Kitchen Door all the violations have been corrected and the restaurant passed"their follow-up inspection.

El Tequila Mexican Restaurant located at 7628 Marbach Road failed with 35 demerits. Their violations included:

  • Food temperature violations.
  • A cook was preparing tacos with bare hands
  • Supposed clean soup spoons had food debris on them.

An employee told Behind the Kitchen Door the inspector came back and all is well, and Metro Health later confirmed that information.

La Michoacana Meat Market located at 2510 Pleasanton Road failed inspection with 31 demerits. Their violations included:

  • Knives for raw meat were wedged between walls and prep tables.
  • The restaurant had hand washing violations.
  • Meat was laying on surfaces that hadn't been cleaned and sanitized.

The manager said changes have been made and he awaits re-inspection.

BKD: Local restaurants receive perfect scores

The following restaurants received perfect scores during their latest health inspection:

  • Chicago Bagel located at 10918 Wurzbach Road.
  • El Villaggio Italiano Pizzeria located at 2711 Hillcrest Drive.
  • Papa John's located at 100 N. Santa Rosa.
  • Tenorio's Mexican Restaurant located at 2296 Bandera Road.

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