Behind the Kitchen Door: Popular taco spot, 2 others fail inspection

Taqueria Guanjuato, Torres Taco Haven, Las Delicias fail inspection


Three San Antonio restaurants were recently given failing scores by Metro Health.

Taqueria Guanjuato located at 5567 Randolph Blvd. failed last month's health inspection with 42 demerits.

KSAT crews visited the taqueria and saw nothing cluttering the hand washing sink and soap was found in the dispenser. However, a previous violation was still visible.

Restaurant staff stored a dirty knife back on a rack and food debris had fallen off the knives and back down onto the wall.

There were no signs of a rusty cooler, but some raw meat containers were uncovered. KSAT pointed out the problem spots to restaurant staff.

The restaurant has since passed re-inspection.

Torres Taco Haven located at 1032 South Presa Street failed its inspection with 37 demerits. Some of the restaurant's violations included:  

  • There were hand washing violations.
  • Not all sinks had soap and paper towels.
  • Not all the kitchen staff were wearing hair restraints.

KSAT crews visited the restaurant, but the owners were not there at the time.

One of the owners later called and said corrections were made. The owner added the restaurant has been open for 45 years and scores like that never happen.

Las Delicias located at 1603 West Commerce Street failed its inspection with 34 demerits.

KSAT crews visited the restaurant and found a clean kitchen and no hand washing or food handling violations.

The health inspector gave the restaurant four demerits when she found an employee's soda at a coffee station.

The owner said the area is for customers and the soda was a customer's drink.
Four demerits was the difference between a passing or failing score.

The owner also had a message for health inspectors. "I'm ready all the time. She can come every single day. She doesn't have to wait three months," said Abdalkarim Abdalaziz.

WATCH: Six SA restaurants get top scores  

Six San Antonio area restaurants received zero demerits on their recent health inspection. They were:

  • Edible Arrangements located at 5510 W. Loop 1604 at Culebra Road.
  • Gallo Pizzeria located at 164 Castroville Road.
  • Knox Elementary School located at 302 Tipton Ave.
  • Chick-fil-A located at 11558 Bandera Road.
  • Paulina's Mexican Restaurant located at 1438 West Hutchins Place.   
  • Whataburger located at 14543 Brook Hollow Blvd.

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