Behind the Kitchen Door report: How Metro Health inspects Fiesta food

Metro Health inspectors head out to several Fiesta events


One of the things people think about when they think of Fiesta, is the food.

Booths pop up everywhere, but amongst the large crowds are inspectors looking to keep Fiesta-goers safe.

A team of inspectors from San Antonio Metro Health head out to several events to keep a watchful eye on what's being cooked at thousands of Fiesta food booths.

"We have about 24 Fiesta events we're going to, not to mention all the other festivals that pop up at schools," said Jerry Trevino with Metro Health.

KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door asked Metro Health if food booths are held to the same standards as San Antonio restaurants.

"It's almost the same. They have to handle the food properly just they do in a restaurant. They have to cook it to the correct temperature just like in a restaurant. It's just outside," Trevino said.

Vendors said they can not cut corners or they don't get invited back. "You're no longer here so you kind of have to do what you're supposed to do," said a vendor named Patricia.

Health inspector Lori Calzoncit said she knows their work goes largely unnoticed. "I think most of them are thinking about the food and drink, and they only think about us when, if for some reason, the next day they are not feeling well."

And it's just not Fiesta, Metro Health said inspectors also show up at events such as King William Fair and Texas Folklife Festival.

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