Behind the Kitchen Door: 2 Restaurants pay up for failed inspections

El Golfo de Mexico, El Potosino Mexican Restaurant fail recent inspection


When a San Antonio restaurant fails a health inspection, they get one free follow-up inspection. Metro Health begins charging after that. KSAT's Behind the Kitchen takes a look at two places that will have to pay up.

El Golfo de Mexico located at 5539 Old Highway 90 failed its recent inspection with 46 demerits.

A KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door crew visited the restaurant but was locked out. KSAT was told that the owner was out of town and no one else could discuss the restaurant's demerits.

Their violations included risky food storage like raw oysters stored just above an uncovered container of sliced tomatoes. The kitchen staff was also handling food without washing their hands.

Metro Health inspectors have already been back twice with almost no improvements made. Tuesday was the third follow-up visit and all issues were finally resolved. The restaurant will now pay separate re-inspection fees of about $47 and $72.

El Potosino Mexican Restaurant located at 1105 Bandera Road failed a recent health inspection with 36 demerits.

Their main issues had to do with food handling and hand washing.

Management said even though they failed their health inspection, the inspector took time to coach the kitchen staff on hygiene and proper food handling.

The assistant manager insisted they passed a re-inspection the very next day.
Metro Health said the inspector went back 48 hours later and many violations remained.

The owner tells KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door the inspector came back again Tuesday and all corrections have been made, but the charge for the second visit was about $47.

Metro Health gave KSAT a full break down of their restaurant re-inspection fees.

  • The first re-inspection is free.
  • The second visit costs $46.35.
  • The third visit costs $72.10
  • The fourth visit is $103.
  • A fifth re-inspection is $123.

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