Restaurants found with temp violations, improper food handling

3 restaurants found under 70-point mark in new grading system


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio restaurants are posting inspection reports with the new 100-point system, which means KSAT 12 News is on the lookout for scores below 70 and found three of them.

La Michoacana Meat Market at 2017 Goliad Road received a poor score of 67 on their latest health inspection.

Employees said they wouldn't talk to KSAT until the inspector comes back, and they would not allow KSAT to see any improvements.

The inspector found many food temperature violations, the staff was told to stop using household bug spray, and they were asked to do a wide variety of cleaning.

The staff said their inspection report is in the office of the restaurant. That's one of the things Metro Health said they will be looking for during a follow-up inspection.

The score dropped to a 66 at La Capital Mexican Restaurant at 2403 Pinn Road.

The staff told KSAT 12 the owner and manager were not around to talk about violations regarding food temperatures, improper food handling and hand washing.

Hot water was not readily available at handwashing sinks.

The owner told the inspector they'd need an additional water heater to fix that.

Metro Health officials said they must it done.

The last stop for KSAT 12 was Luciano's Pizzeria at 18866 Stone Oak Parkway, with the lowest score of 64.

There were multiple food temperature violations. It turns out a cooler was broken and the thermometers were out of whack.

"Did you have to get new thermometers?" reporter Mark Austin asked the manager, Jerry Locricchio.

"Just calibrate it, re-calibrated them, re-calibrate it," Locricchio said.

Calibrating means to adjust the temperature using 32 degrees as a starting point. The manager said they had everything fixed and were re-inspected within 24 hours. He even took KSAT to the kitchen to show things are definitely back on track.

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