Beans at room temperature, equipment held together with duct tape at West Side Mexican restaurant

El Torreon receives failing score of 67

SAN ANTONIO – A west San Antonio Mexican restaurant failed a health inspection last month after beans with a temperature of 73 degrees were found in a walk-in cooler.

Staff members from El Torreon Mexican Restaurant, located in the 1500 block of Culebra Road, were forced to throw out the food, according to Metropolitan Health records.

The 24-hour restaurant was also cited for having kitchen equipment held together with duct tape and was ordered to clean dirty exhaust vent filters.

A waitress last week said El Torreon's owner was not around. However, he emerged from inside the restaurant moments after our KSAT crew walked out and demanded to know what we were doing there.

Restaurant staff later explained that the issues were corrected and that they were waiting for the city to conduct a follow-up inspection.

Reyna's Taqueria

Reyna's Taqueria, which is located in the 4700 block of South Hackberry Street, received a failing score of 67 after several food items were found stored at room temperature in a cooler.

An inspector also noted that uncovered food was stored directly on the floor and in a refrigerator. Dishes on a shelf were also visibly soiled, according to city records.

Reyna's owner was at first hesitant to allow us to see his kitchen's improvements. He eventually took us behind the kitchen door.

Other than a few items still uncovered in a refrigerator, it appeared the restaurant had fixed its issues. A follow-up inspection determined Reyna's had corrected all of its violations.

Mi Guadalajara

Mi Guadalajara, located in the 1100 block of Culebra Road, received a score of 59 after a list of violations that included beans being stored at 58 degrees.

The food was thrown out, according to city records.

The restaurant was also cited for having drainage issues with its mop, sink and ice machine and for storing fried tortillas in cardboard.

A follow-up inspection showed the drainage issues were fixed and found that Mi Guadalajara had only two repeat violations.

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