South Side food mart with dirty toilets, encrusted grease fails health inspection

Southcross Food Mart receives score of 68

SAN ANTONIO – A food mart on the city's South Side failed a city health inspection late last month after health inspectors found a long list of sanitation issues, including encrusted grease deposits on food contact surfaces.

Southcross Food Mart, located in the 500 block of West Southcross, received a failing score of 68 after also being dinged for having dirty toilets and dust in its walk-in cooler.

An employee was also seen wearing an apron while taking out the trash.

You can read the full report by searching the Metro Health website.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District's scoring of food establishments is based on a 100-point demerit system.

The inspection reports, which establishments are required to post in public view, feature a number score at the top and bottom of the front page. A separate placard with the number score and a letter grade (example: 100/A) is also available upon request from the food establishment. Posting the placard is voluntary.

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Score Guide:

  • 100-90 = A (Very Good to Acceptable)
  • 89-80 = B (Acceptable to Marginal)
  • 79 or lower = C (Marginal to Poor)
  • Metro Health indicates that scores of 69 or lower are failing scores.

Here are the latest scores:

  • Las Tres Amigas, 910 SE Military Dr., 100
  • Planet Sub, 11255 Huebner Rd., 100
  • Taco Cabana, 543 W. Malone St., 99
  • Pig Stand, 1508 Broadway, 96
  • Trevino's Barbacoa, 5745 Evers Rd., 96
  • Rocky's Taco House, 1302 Cupples Rd., 95
  • Mari's Seafood, 910 SE Military Dr., 94
  • Golfo De Mexico, 603 Bandera Rd., 93
  • The Local Bar, 600 N. Presa St., 92
  • Taqueria Jalisco, 11791 West Ave., 92
  • Urban Bricks Pizza, 17603 La Cantera Pkwy., 92
  • Mi Sierra Jalisco, 1242 Babcock Rd., 90
  • Four Ten Diner, 8315 Broadway, 85
  • Los Generales, 16216 Nacogdoches Rd., 85
  • La Crawfish, 10919 Culebra Rd., 84
  • Anne Marie's Catering, 12475 Starcrest Dr., 80
  • First Stop, 2553 E. Houston St., 79
  • Sushiholic, 11619 Bandera Rd., 76
  • El Burrito Tapatio, 3008 West Ave., 74
  • The Hanger, 8203 Broadway, 71
  • Southcross Food Mart, 539 W. Southcross, 68

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For food establishment complaints in the city of San Antonio, send an email to Metro Health or call 210-207-8853.

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