Blood spotted on potatoes at Northwest Side restaurant

Chacho's says it's 'committing' to correcting violations

By Mark Austin - Anchor, Robert Taylor - Web - News Editor

SAN ANTONIO - A Northwest Side restaurant that is busy at all hours of the night says it's committed to correcting the 37 demerits spotted in a MetroHealth inspection last week.

Chacho's at 7870 Callaghan Road said it's taking action to correct issues like blood on raw, prepared potatoes; slime and mildew in the ice machines; and temperature violations.

Chacho's sent the following statement to KSAT 12:

"We are now committing ourselves to not only correct every violation, but make every needed change to ensure good health scores in the future."

Chacho's is waiting for its reinspection.

Bee's and Sisy's

Bee's and Sisy's Mexican Restaurant on North Flores Street in downtown failed its health inspection earlier this month with 34 demerits.

Customer complaints prompted a full inspection by MetroHealth, which revealed issues like blood from raw beef dripping onto a shelf with tortillas.

Other violations included refrigerators that were too warm and a slight sewage smell inside the restaurant.

MetroHealth said all corrections have been made at Bee's and Sisy's.

La Esquinita Mexican Restaurant

La Esquinita Mexican Restaurant at 4705 Roosevelt Ave. failed a recent inspection by one point with a total of 31 demerits.

Violations included a refrigerator at 55 degrees and the kitchen was in need of major cleaning.

KSAT 12 recently visited the restaurant, where employees showed a camera crew clean floors, clean equipment and replaced panels over a stove. The fridge had also been fixed.

An inspection was scheduled to stop by later in the day after KSAT left.

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