Health inspector finds pork rinds stored in a shower at East Side truck stop

San Antonio Travel Center receives failing score of 63

By Dillon Collier - Investigative Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - An east San Antonio truck stop failed a health inspection this month after a city inspector found pork rinds being stored in a shower.

The inspector also observed insects in the cabinets under the food counter and frozen shakes being stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer of the San Antonio Travel Center, located in the 8700 block of Interstate 10 East.

The violations combined with other demerits for a failing score of 63.

A man who said he was charge told KSAT 12 the shower where the pork rinds were stored was not in use. He said the pork rinds have since been moved and shelving has been installed to keep the shakes off the floor.

San Antonio Travel Center is scheduled to go through a follow-up inspection in the next few days.

Culebra Super Meat Market

Culebra Super Meat Market, located in the 14000 block of Nacogdoches Road, received a failing score of 68 after an inspector found food debris on tongs in the self-service bread area and saw an employee handle ready-to-eat food after cracking raw eggs.

A complaint received by Metropolitan Health that bugs were in the pastry cabinets also turned out to be valid. The inspector discovered both flies and fruit flies in the cabinets.

A woman who claimed to be in charge told us the issues were fixed but said she did not have the authority to let us shoot footage of the market's bread and pastry areas.

A follow-up inspection conducted by Metro Health on Monday found that pest problems were not corrected and utensils were still not being properly cleaned and sanitized.

The market is now scheduled to go through a second follow-up inspection, according to city health records.

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