City of Selma filings shed light on new Pluckers location

SELMA, Texas – The bird will finally be the word in northeast Bexar County, but when?

A representative for Pluckers Wing Bar said the Austin-based restaurant is expected to open in late spring, but there is no official date for an opening.

The restaurant's construction is underway and can be seen from Interstate 35. It's tucked between the existing Forum Pointe Shopping Center buildings and Chuy's Tex-Mex Restaurant, just south of Olympia Parkway.

Architecture layouts, permits and floor plans were obtained by KSAT 12 through the city of Selma through an open records request. 

According to a 30-page architectural plan, drafted by Austin-based Barry Bubis Architects, the restaurant will be 7,789 square feet — 1,489 of which will make up the dining area and 1,855 for the bar area. The restaurant will have an indoor and outdoor patio, sized at 775 square feet and 364 square feet.

In total, the restaurant will seat 342 people.

The facade will feature a light-up sign with the restaurant’s name near the door, similar to the one outside the original Pluckers location in the West Campus neighborhood of Austin.

Drafts indicate the bar will be similar in shape and size to the bars at existing locations – somewhat rectangular, with rounded corners and designed to seat 36 people. There will be six televisions above the bar, three on each side.

In all, the bar area will have 23 televisions, the main dining area will have 12, the indoor patio will have nine and the outdoor patio will have five. There will be one TV at the host stand.

None of the businesses listed on the project team page are from the San Antonio area, according to their websites. Most are either Austin-based or are local offices of national restaurant supply and support companies. 

Site plans offer details as to the design and layout of nearly every part of the building, from offices, closets and prep stations in the kitchen to dumpsters and bathrooms.

Interestingly enough, at least for this writer, landscape information was included, too.

A Cedar Elm tree will greet guests as they turn off I-35 and onto the property, along with New Gold lantana, Asiatic jasmine and dwarf yaupon holly around the base.

Along the east side of the building, which will face I-35, plants include red yucca, Asiatic jasmine, springtime Indian hawthorns, red Knockout Roses, white lantana and two Shumard oak trees.

The north side of the building, where the door will be, will also be decorated with springtime Indian hawthorn, red Knockout Roses, Asiatic jasmine and New Gold lantana. It will also feature pink Mexican petunias and one Monterey oak tree.

The south wall, which is near mostly driving and walking space to the parking lot, will be adorned in purple fountain grass.

The parking lot will feature sotol plants, spineless prickly pears, four Shumard oak trees and one Monterey oak tree. That leaves a bit of hope that guests will have shaded parking in the hot summer months.  

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