Catch up with KSAT: Friday


Why hello, 2016, so nice to see you!

Jan. 1 started with a big first for 18-year-old couple Michelle Salazar and Joe Gorria. In the first minute of the 2016, their first baby was born: Serenity Joe. Natalie Cole, the Grammy-winning singer made famous by her late father, Nat King Cole, died late Thursday.


TCU star quarterback was arrested by police in downtown San Antonio after fighting with an officer. Plus the city of Boerne is going hands-free at the stroke of midnight. You can now turn Trump off. A new Google Chrome add-on allows users to eliminate mentions and photos of the Republican presidential candidate online -- essentially creating a Trump-free Internet. #ByeFelicia We have all those stories and more in Thursday’s ICYMI.


“Affluenza” teen Ethan Couch might have won a temporary reprieve from coming back to America, but momma bear was not so lucky, she is back facing more jail time than her son. Dubbed for decades as 'America’s greatest dad' Bill Cosby is now officially charged with a felony crime. After months of allegations racking up against him, prosecutors in Pennsylvania charged the comedian with sexual assault. Get your hump day over the hump with today’s ICYMI.


“Put the hoverboard away, Father.” That was one Catholic Church’s message after a priest wheeling his way into Christmas Eve services went viral. A man's car was a soggy mess after a water main break sends water shooting inside the vehicle; you have to watch the raw video to believe it. Find solace that the week is almost half over with Tuesday’s ICYMI.


Things got batty inside the AT&T Center after a bat got loose. The winged creature was apprehended by the Coyote all decked out in a Batman costume. After deadly storms hit North Texas, KSAT’s own Bill Barajas traveled to the area and shared several stories of survival and perseverance. Catch up on your Monday in today’s edition of ICYMI.

It was a very quiet Christmas holiday, until it wasn’t. Here is a look back at the stories this weekend that had everyone talking. Remember to stay with us throughout the week as we update this post.

Mother Nature makes her presence felt

Storms pounded the Lone Star State this weekend. Multiple people died in North Texas when tornadoes slammed the Dallas area. In the Panhandle, cold temperatures, snow and high winds created blizzard conditions and dropped nearly a foot of snow. Here in the Alamo City, we got away relatively unscathed: Storms pushed through early Sunday and left behind much colder air. 

Hootin’ and hollerin’

It was memorable Christmas for an officer in Louisiana after an owl attacked him. The officer was driving with his windows down, because Mother Nature had not gotten the memo that it’s December, when an owl flew into the police cruiser. It took almost an hour for the officer to get the bird out of his patrol unit. Fortunately, the officer will be ‘owl’ right -- he only suffered minor scratches and was given a tetanus shot.

Lone Star sports wrap

The Rockets came away with a victory Friday night against the Spurs. However, back at home on Saturday, the guys in silver and black continued their at-home winning streak against the Nuggets. Dallas seems to have caught an allergy to the end zone. The Cowboys did not score a single touchdown in Sunday’s loss to the Bills. It is a different story for that other NFL team in Texas; Houston knocked off their H-town predecessors, the Titans, 34-6.

This week the Spurs play Minnesota on Monday, the Suns on Wednesday and the Rockets on Saturday.    


'Tis the season

How many of you wore shorts on Christmas day? I did! Hopefully y’all were able to spend time with family and enjoy some good food. The Pope called for peace in the Holy Land. FedEx made Christmas Day drop-offs after storms near its hub in Memphis wreaked havoc on deliveries. And what is Christmas without a lovely message from Donald Trump? The leading Republican presidential candidate went to church services on Christmas Eve and proceeded to trash people who made his naughty list. He probably wanted to tell those fine folks, “You’re fired.”

Drill, baby, drill

Officials in Seattle are hoping Bertha will be drilling again. Bertha is a big drill being use build an underground highway in Seattle. The not-so-little lady ground to a halt two years ago after overheating, slowing completion of the $2 billion dollar project. #GetItGirl



Lots of folks will kickoff 2016 by setting off fireworks. The fire department has set up a firework phone line residents can call if they feel so inclined to rat out their neighbors. If you want to play it safe, you can head downtown for the city’s annual fireworks display, Celebrate San Antonio!

New year, new laws

Open-carry is set to take effect everywhere, unless you go to a private university or shop at H-E-B. All this week, the KSAT Defenders will be highlighting new laws that take effect Jan. 1 and how they will impact you. 

And to everyone who has made KSAT a part of their day, we thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.